Motion graphics and logo design, 2015.

Graphic work for Funny or Die comedy sketch.

I was asked to design and animate graphic content for Funny or Die's comedy sketch video, "UberEverything": a satirical web advertisement for the mobile car service company, Uber.

All graphic work followed the specifications outlined in Uber's Brand Guidelines document at the time of creation (December 2015)


I. Logo Design

I created logos for the fictitious Uber "add-on" services that the writers had come up with, such as UberIntern, UberMD, UberLegal, and so on. All of the logos were designed to mimic the style of the real Uber Eats logo, including custom typography.


II. Mobile Interface Design

These animated interface sequences were used on set, during the filming process. They were made to emulate the iOS 9.2 environment, to look like a user was interacting with the iPhone. Most of the sequences displayed a user's journey moving through the Uber application, one involved the iOS home screen, and one was a user's interaction with an Uber-themed Flappy Bird game.

Uber "FlappyX" environment.

Check out my UberEverything project on Behance.